Timelapse with Fujifilm X-T1

Trying to find something to do, I decided to make a timelapse. Thanks to the awesome Dutch skies this can be done anywhere. So I did it on the balcony.

Here is a short guidelines:

  1. Use tripod (of course)
  2. Switch to manual focus.
    Otherwise camera will try to focus every shot, some shots can be out of focus, and also camera can focus a bit differently every time.
  3. Lock exposition.
    Use M mode of the camera, otherwise some frames can be a bit brighter or darker than other.
  4. Turn off stabilisation if exists.
    Not necessary if shutter speed it short, but it saves battery and is redundant when using tripod. If you are doing long exposures, then stabilisation can only hurt.
  5. Set timer to shoot every 2-5 seconds (depending on how fast objects in the frame move)
  6. Use electronic shutter if camera supports.
    Hundreds of shots are supposed to be made for one short video (935 shots for 31 seconds in my example), so it’s better not to waste resource of the mechanical shutter.
  7. You’ll need an intervalometer also. Some cameras have it built-in. For instance, X-T1 does have it, and it appeared to be a useful feature.

So first, I installed camera on the tripod, set focus and exposure and set timer. I’ve made 935 shots with 3 seconds between each. Easy to calculate that it took me more than 45 minutes. Then I used Lightroom to adjust some light and colours a bit. Lightroom has such a feature when after editing one shot changes can be applied to all other. And finally I used the same Lightroom to export a slideshow as a video with very small time between each frame.

So 935 shots in 30fps and I got a 31 seconds of video. Here it is (apologies for the quality, a bit more experience with youtube and video converters is required):

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