Saint-Malo, Brittany (France, part 1)

Due to different circumstances this year we started planning our summer holidays only in August. Of course, everything was already booked and only expensive destinations remained. Having spent hours looking for something suitable, I decided to ask my French colleague if he could recommend some place. Among many popular destinations he also advised to check Brittany as a very beautiful but not that crowded region. So the choice was made.

We’ve booked a car for a week and a hotel in Saint-Malo for just 2 nights and the week after we were heading Brittany from Rotterdam. We didn’t want to plan all the places to visit in advance but rather decide on the spot where to drive further.

With all the stops the road took us about 9 hours. We arrived tired and hungry but still willing to see the city before going to sleep.

Saint-Malo is a walled port city on the English Channel. During the World War II it was almost totally destroyed and then it was rebuilt in 1950s. Usually that means that there is nothing left of charming old architecture. But not this time. Saint-Malo is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

City centre is surrounded with a huge wall. When the tide is high, waves crash into the walls splashing tourists walking on the top. That is a king of tourist attraction.


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