Mont Saint-Michel and more (France, part 2)

The next day, rested and willing to explore numerous places of interest, we went to Le Mont-Saint-Michel. I must say the place is really amazing. It is an island in Normandy, located not far from Saint-Malo where we stopped. The island is famous for its ancient castle that used to be a monastery. Nowadays Saint-Michel is a tourist attraction that is must-see in Normandy.


After spending several ours in Saint-Michael we went back to Brittany to visit a small town next to Saint-Malo, called Dinard and its surroundings. It is a popular holiday destination with beautiful beaches and cozy atmosphere, but Dinard itself is not my favourite place for sure. It’s just too crowded for me. But Saint-Malo is fantastic as always.

The end of the day we’ve spent exploring surroundings of Saint-Malo. One of the most remarkable place was a beach in Saint-Lunaire. First what makes it attractive is that it is not crowded with tourists. But also, when the tide is low, it’s possible to walk along the cliffs, and there you can find a small hidden beach that is almost empty.

Here we say goodbye to Saint-Malo. Now we are heading the south of the Brittany.

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