Brittany coastline (France, part 3)

So, finally I’ve found a bit of time to finish this series about our trip to France. I’ll try to keep post short, won’t go into much details. My main point is that Brittany is a wonderful place. It’s quite wild, virgin part of Europe. Living in the Netherlands, it’s always a problem to find a peace of nature that inspires me. Seaside is quite boring and the rest of country is populated very densely (but skies and cities are really amazing). So I was very glad to spend a week exploring Brittany.

First stop is Clohars-Carnoët, south coast of Brittany. Wonderful location for astrophotography: stunning landscapes combined with absence of light pollution. This was, by the way, my first try of shooting stars. And it was the first time in my life I could see Milky Way in life.


Plage de Tronoen is a huge beach on the western coast. It’s popular among surfers, but swimming there can be dangerous because of currents and waves. Also Point Pen Hir is relatively close and it’s so beautiful!


Short stop in Morlaix and we are back to Côtes-d’Armor. Cap Fréhel is probably one the most beautiful places in the whole Brittany. But it’s hard to choose just one place. They are all worth visiting.


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