Infrared photography with Fuji X-T1

Recently I realised that camera is sensitive to infrared light. Never thought about this before, but just noticed that sensor reacts on remote control. Started googling and apparently a lot of people are using that feature of digital cameras. Some even convert their cameras to only be sensitive to infrared. So, not thinking for too long, I’ve ordered Hoya R72 IR filter for my XF 35mm f/1.4 lens and this weekend I’ve tried it for the first time.

For now black and white. Colour processing  of IR photos is not simple at all. White balance is crazy. But I’ll try this too.

Many thanks to who’s post inspired me to try!


The photo below is not the one I like, but it’s a good example of how IR filter distinguishes clouds, the sky becomes dark because atmosphere doesn’t reflect infrared light.


I prefer when clouds are blurred because of movement, and foreground is highlighted, like on the photo below. But here I faced a common problem of IR photography: many lenses show such called “hotspot”, a bright area in the centre of the frame. For XF 35mm f/1.4 hotspot becomes visible at f/8 and is really annoying at f/16 (photo below is taken at this aperture).


By the way, I also bought B+W 093 IR filter (67mm for my XF 18-135mm lens), but that one I’m going to return. It’s really hard to use the filter, it blocks all the light with wave length below 800nm that makes it almost impossible to focus properly using the filter. I tried to focus without filter and then attach it, but because of change in wave length shoots were out of focus in the end. Focusing with the filter attached is not possible as it is completely dark.

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